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compact tractor characteristics and type


Compact tractor can travel is by the engine power through the transmission, the driving torque of the drive wheels Mk, wheel driving torque obtained through the tire tread and the tire to the ground surface is small, the rearward horizontal force (tangential force), and the face of the driving force equal and opposite force horizontal meal Pk, Pk rice this force is to promote compact tractor traveling forward driving force (also called feed propulsion).
Its characteristics are:
(1) turn on and pulverizer capacity, broken loose soil after tillage, ground level;
(2) The first operation can be achieved to meet the requirements of seeding;
(3) a mixture of fertilizer and soil capability;
(4) simplify operations, improve land utilization and efficiency;
(5) work tools directly driven by the tractor, power consumption higher;
(6) the quality of your coverage is poor, fight deep shallow, is not conducive to eliminate weeds.
Small tractor main types: horizontal and vertical. The former working member about the machine direction perpendicular to the horizontal axis of forward rotation of the soil cutting. Which is perpendicular to the ground working member about the axis of rotation or inclined cutting soil.

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