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Tractor should not be idle for a long time running


Tractor idle for too long, there are many disadvantages of long-term operation, especially tractors prolonged idling will reduce injector atomization quality, accelerated cylinder wall early wear. Mainly because of the merits of atomization quality and injection pressure, fuel injector aperture and camshaft speed has a direct relationship. Since injector aperture unchanged, so the fuel injection pressure and atomization quality depends on the camshaft speed.

The slower speed of the camshaft, injection pressure rise time is longer, the fuel atomization quality is poor, and the camshaft with the tractor speed and change the speed. Prolonged idling can cause tractors combustion temperature is too low, incomplete combustion, which may lead to clogged injector nozzle coking, piston rings or the valve stuck.

In addition, if the coolant temperature is too low tractor some unburned diesel oil film on the cylinder wall will be washed, diluted in oil, so that all of the moving parts tractor not very good lubrication, resulting in premature wear parts. General requirements, tractor idle running time should not exceed 30min, the winter should be shorter. Focus more on the tractor information that will achieve the highest efficiency of our work, our machinery will achieve the longest life expectancy.

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