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Tractor warped head suppression measures


When the small tractor had just become warped head, front wheel just off the ground, then can depress the clutch pedal. Let the wheel on the ground, then immediately brake. If the warped head angle is large, but not as dangerous a rollover, immediately the clutch pedal, brake pedal teeth, so that the small tractor stable at this level, then the transmission into neutral hanging, and close the throttle to the engine flameout, then slowly release the brake pedal, and slowly loose the clutch pedal, and then step down the brake pedal, so repeatedly so that the front wheel slowly with the ground, and brake.
Note: do not Meng riding the clutch pedal without stepping on the brake pedal, or warped head locomotive will suddenly drop, serious damage may cause the front tyres and other parts.
If the farm tractor warped head angle, the roll over risk, machine hand should be quickly will the body tilted to one side, to prevent the wheel against the body shall not be out, and prevent water tank boiling water scald, and the clutch pedal, brake pedal teeth, so that the vehicle stability at the same height, and then close the throttle. The engine flameout (if the engine idling away, because after the oil pan tilt, local oil level rise, extremely easy to cause the oil speed), and try to leave the seat, by others to hold the front, neutral, through repeated stepped down and release the brake pedal. The front wheel slowly fell to the ground. The front landing, should immediately brake, part of the goods shed. After troubleshooting and running.

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