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Give you some oil product common sense


Pressing oil through simple filtration that it appears to be a clear, once the oil static will produce sediment, cooking oil, pot of easy oil foam, make food color deep, not good-looking, cooking is not ideal, this is because it contains gum soluble impurities in oil (i.e. glial and phospholipids), the impurities can be miscible long with oil, not only affect the oil quality and cannot be stored for a long time, if long-term edible, will endanger human health, so it is necessary to remove the pressed oil refining(oil refinery for sale), peptizing, fat soluble and harmful impurities, reach the national standard of edible oil quality. The refined standard oil is clear and transparent, long time no sediment, the pot does not foam, the need to fit the ideal cooking.
Facing the huge rural edible oil market, due to the traditional oil refinery equipment is expensive (at least several hundred thousand dollars, more than 100 million) oil edible oil processing on the market almost no small refinery equipment.Many of the old oil mill owner although know the pressing need refining, but suffer from oil refining equipment is expensive, the market is not a small oil refinery equipment, not suitable for small scale use. Some of you by hydration process of crude oil, stir boiling water is added to the crude oil, but must deposit a few hours, or even one or two days, and the sediment and the oil is very difficult to completely separate, time-consuming and laborious, waste oil. Hair oil purification problem has plagued the Youfang owners, and I launched a small refinery equipment of small investment, quick effect, reasonable design, compact structure, layout of the beautiful, for the vast countryside improve edible oil refining health level has the epoch-making significance. Our several high performance filtration mixing equipment available, to meet the processing needs you hair oil purification. The refining machine to meet the needs of small scale factory.

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