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New oil press machine VS old oil press machine


Press oil machine can help us to extrude the oil out from the oil, because the artificial oil is very difficult, but also produces little oil. People through the very intelligent production produced by mechanical forces successfully oil press machine, with the continuous advancement of technology, to produce many different types of oil press machine(sunflower oil press machine). Compared with the new press to some old-fashioned press have been greatly improved.
The old oil press machine because the technology is not mature, can not be fully extracted oil in the grease, it will cause the oil waste. But because the production process is not very skilled, during the work process easy to machine caused increased damage, vintage press service life is guaranteed. The old mill can not work continuously for a long time, because the heat is not good, some of the structural design is not very reasonable, so that the work efficiency is low.
Some old press oil machine through brute force will in oil oil gouging, but sometimes because of high temperature or other factors may lead to loss of nutritive elements of oil, reduce the quality of oil products.
These shortcomings compared to the old oil press machine, new press not only the unique design style, and high production efficiency, can effectively prevent the waste of energy. More perfect the oil process machine, humanized design, to help workers greatly reduce the amount of labor, but also improves the production efficiency, squeezed out of oil more safety and health.

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