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The new market requirement appears by the development


Released new market demand model:
First of all, the market demand is large. This change mainly occurred in the land resource rich plains, with the rapid rise of land concentration, rapid development of scale management and agricultural cooperation organization, of a family farm, in some economically developed areas, there will be similar to the European manorial economy model of new rural model, this model directly promote China's agricultural development to demand large scale, complex operation direction, small agricultural machinery (tractor,agriculture tractor,cheap farm tractor for sale)will completely return to field management role.
But, it had to admit that high-end products will be more popular on large farms and family farms. The so-called high-end outstanding performs as the high-end products, such as tractor will be further to the mechatronics, computer intelligence, failure diagnosis and monitoring system, the automatic management system, GPS positioning system, gear box, full load power shift, cruise control system to automatically adjust the speed, gear position, the throttle, high-pressure common rail system development. With the economic and living conditions improving, consumers pay attention for high-end products, besides they pay more attention to the comfort, for example during the operation to minimize bending, moving easily physical operation, the cab should be comfortable and luxurious and equipped with air conditioning. These changes will be close to reality as more as possibly.

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