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The three main points of oil press machine routine maintenance


The users of press oil mahcine know that press oil machine(mini oil press machine) also has low and peak seasons.During the peak season, the use time is relatively long and high frequency. At this time,press oil machine wear is more serious, in order to prolong the service life of press, in the off-season when they need to do maintenance.
1. The details determine success or failure
Some voids of press oil machine should have detailed examination, especially the gap between the screw shaft and a doughnut, which must ensure that the spacing in the normal range, when the middle blocked with debris, need timely, prevent the occurrence of jam event. Also check the bolts and nuts tightness, prevent in the use process because of the vibration loosening.
2. Pay attention to the waterproof
The off-season is rarely used in the press, for placing time must be far away from water, prevent oil press oxidation rust. In the storage should be to prevent decay, you will excess oil expeller internal cleaning, to prevent residual impurities cause corrosion of oil press. In some bearing part daub lubricating oil, can prevent rust.
3. Regular inspection
Although the off-season rarely use press, in order to ensure the performance, you need to regularly restart oil press equipment,which can effectively prevent some rusting parts, effecting press oil machine flexibility. You need do a maintenance of the circuit device, to prevent the cable being bited by a rat during storage.

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