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The benefits our press oil machine will give your produce


The related features of oil press machine(small cold press oil machine,mini oil press machine):
1.Water diversion device adopts coalescence separation technology of leading the world, can separated quickly and efficiently from the lubricating oil with high water content in a lot of moisture and water.
2.The strong capability of filter impurities , large area, deep, FH rectangular filter system with high precision, can remove the oil in the scrap iron, dust, impurities effectively.
3.The heating has the optimization pipeline design, to ensure uniform heating, no dead area, the stable oil temperature .
4. The humanization design, dual infrared liquid level control system, automatic protection control system and constant temperature automatic control system of electric band phase protection, overload protection, over-voltage protection, to ensure that the operation is simple, safe and reliable.
Advantages: The oil press machine ensuring that the processed oil can improve the cleanliness, and the kinematic viscosity, flash point, up to the national standard oil usage. Stainless steel oil air hydraulic oil purification machine processing compressor oil filter oil pressure after emulsification value is low, the water content is few, impurity and high precision, can reused repeatedly and completely in high precision and hydraulic lubrication equipmentat of home and abroad. Optional the mode: according to the different ways of moving can choose ordinary mobile, mobile. According to the different environmental requirements,you can choose the ordinary type, fully enclosed, canvas, explosion-proof type.


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