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Agriculture tractor have the improvement plans


Bona-farm tractor company not only achieved good results in the production and marketing, improve the supply and quality of products supporting the same on a new level in 2013.
In 2014 ,for the host of agricultural machinery division , spare parts processing ( tractor part) Division of different products and different production methods , developed a series of quality supervision and evaluation methods, and implemented quickly implemented. On the supply supporting material part of the purchase price is higher than peers , because supply is not part of the material scale, part of the delivery quality is not satisfactory . 2014 , agricultural machinery , especially agriculture tractors will improve product quality and supply chain planning focused on building on the following aspects : First, the team qualified suppliers to optimize and expand the number of qualified suppliers to improve the centralized procurement ratio ; Second, the technology of agricultural machinery, the cost of ,have the advantage of quality suppliers to establish long-term strategic partnership ; Third docking system integrated supply chain system to improve procurement efficiency , while maintaining the rolling demand forecast , while ensuring timely supply ; Fourth conduct a comprehensive cost reduction and efficiency around the reciprocity mutually beneficial cooperation ; five is to develop flexible modes of cooperation . Agricultural industry peer companies hope the two sides can candor in the process of cooperation , equality , effective communication , mutual cooperation and coordinated development, to build a true strategic partner,industry chain development community , fighting to improve the market , competing capacity.

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