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The agriculture tractor have the quality seal in use


Whether the company is participating in the agriculture tractor application or wheel tractor, mini- tractors and other hilly areas suitable for a variety of operations are subject to a lot of audiences and industry leaders concerned .
Agricultural machinery industry experts said , " hilly plains farming model distinguishes mainly terraced mode , narrow plots ,roads and rugged ,medium-sized agricultural machinery applications for certain restrictions. Mostly mountainous and hilly areas lower economic level , the objective restricting the promotion and application of agricultural machinery,compared with agricultural plains region,the hilly is still relatively low, so vast hilly agricultural demand for many agriculture tractor, the hills and mountains is also an important growth market , occupies an important strategic planning location . "
It is understood that a professional group of agricultural products to control strictly , depending on the quality of life, home and abroad. Decades years, this agriculture tractor always maintained the initial working performance. Local leaders spoke highly of the agricultural system agricultural machinery focus on product quality , quality win market, good style .
39 years is not long , but as agriculture tractor , it has been considered extended service , this is the testimony of agricultural tractor Group's development history , encouraging enterprises to tractors and other agricultural products better and better fulfill corporate services in the future Agriculture , for the benefit of agriculture and social responsibility.


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