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The safe production of agriculture machinery


The new HP series tractors(farm tractors made in china) combined world-class efficiency, increase horsepower promote higher productivity levels than before. Intelligent Power Management, we offer a full power and speed to increase horsepower horsepower transportation applications. And increase the hydraulic capacity and these tractors can easily handle large farming.
China Bona agriculture machinery requires all units and should attach great importance to "Safety Month" activities, strengthen organization and leadership, combined with the various units and departments actually work early planning, early preparation, early arrangements. To focus problem solving, risk management, and effectively achieved with active safety, in order to promote production activities and to promote the month, the full realization of the annual production of security objectives. Meanwhile, the units can be completed agriculture machinery extension activities on the basis of unified deployment, combined with the specific circumstances and characteristics of the unit carried out close to the grass-roots innovation,close to the staff, distinctive activities, activities to maximize coverage and increase employee participation, efforts to enhance the safety awareness of all employees to ensure safe production.
After the event,we will be based on each department, and were carried out summary appraisal departments "Safety Month" activities.

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