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The agricultural market development in China


In recent years, China's agricultural market has become a hot market of China's machinery industry, whether it is domestic enterprises continue to expand production capacity, or the international agricultural giants have entered; both non agricultural industries (such as the automotive industry, engineering machinery industry) participation, or financial capital market intervention, promote agricultural market competition level agricultural machinery(agriculture tractor,farm tractor), and further promote the upgrading of the industrial structure.
With the change in the market and many other elements of the focus of competition, China Agricultural machinery market will undergo major changes. First of all, R & D capacity will become the focus of competition; secondly, the brand competition will be the key to market competition; secondly, the market competition level will be further improved; finally, the concentration will be further improved.
From China's agricultural market competition degree analysis, although such as large and medium-sized tractor market competition degree, but can not change the reality of agricultural market concentration is low, about three thusand billon yuan of industrial output produced each year nearly 10 thousand agricultural machinery(agriculture tractor,tractors for sale) manufacturing enterprises, the output value has five large agricultural enterprises output value and only 22.9%. In recent years, the implementation of the policy of agricultural subsidies and a weakening of the intensity of competition, the last straw part of small business survival, with the great change in agricultural market environment, market competition will be more fully, some small and medium-sized enterprises will be eliminated in the fierce market competition out, market concentration will increase become inevitable.
In view of this, in the face of a major shift in market demand, domestic enterprises should adapt to the changes in the market, made a strategic shift and product structure adjustment timely, through the transition period, ushered in the development of "the second spring".

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