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Why the agricultural machinery can develop fastly


Since 2013, the level of agricultural development, great changes in some of the key elements, the impact of the traditional agricultural market consumption patterns, set off a new demand, the agricultural market is about to enter the transition period. According to the insiders, which is becoming the new trend of China's agricultural machinery(hand tractor,garden tractor,etc.).
Agricultural machinery industry to maintain rapid development of many factors, a more prominent factor in four aspects: one is driven by policies, the two is the market rigid demand continues to increase, three is the investment effect is obvious, the four is the development of enterprises, industrial upgrading effect to promote the industry continued stability.
In the next few years, mainly agricultural machinery market in China will begin by the three major crops to shift the focus to the economic crops. Economic crops mechanization will become the focus of the government, especially the harvest mechanization of economic crops, including sugar cane, cotton, rapeseed, potato, sugar beet, and as the sugar cane harvest mechanization planting area will become one of the key.


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