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50-55HP Tractor

  • Type: 2WD
  • Model: BN-500
  • Front tire: 6.00-16/8.30-20
  • Rated Power: 36.8kw
  • Wheel base:1598mm
  • Rear tire: 12.4-28/14.9-24
  • Dimensions: 3868×1614×2400

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  • 50-55HP Tractor

Hand tractor is a small tractor. Europe and the United States called garden tractors.

■ Specifications

Hand tractor is a small tractor. Europe and the United States called garden tractors.
By the engine, chassis, electrical and other system components is mainly used for towing and transport multipurpose mobile machinery.
Hand tractor can travel is by an internal combustion engine powered by the drive system, the drive torque of the driving wheels to get through the tire tread surface of the tire to the ground and small, backward horizontal force (tangential force), this reaction is to promote the tractor forward driving the driving force (also called feed propulsion).
Hand tractor simple structure, low power, small land suitable. Leaning on the arm rest controlled by the driver steering mechanism, traction or drive supporting tools for the job.

■ Technical Data


Main Technical Parameters:
Model BN-500 BN-504 BN-550 BN-554
Type 2WD 4WD 2WD 4WD
Dimensions(L×W×H) 3868×1614×2400
Tread front wheel1250; rear wheel 1250-1400 adjustable
Wheel Base 1877/1930(3-cylinder engine); 2007/2060 (4-cylinder engine)
Min. Ground Base 305
Dry Mass(kg) 1820 2035 1830 2045
Engine 3 or 4-cylinder, Vertical, Water Cooled and Four Stroke
Rated Power(kw) 36.8 40.4
Rated Rev.(r/min) 2300 2400 2300 2400
Front tire 6.00-16/8.30-20
Rear tire 12.4-28/14.9-24
Clutch Dry-friction, Double Stage, Constant Engagement
Steering Hydraulic Steering
Gearbox 2 Shaft 4×(2+1) Gear Shifts, Joggling Sleeve Gear Shifting
Suspension Type Catalogue I or II
PTO Shaft 540/1000rpm or 720/1000rpm
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