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The farm tractor develops quickly and better in latest market


At present, China's small loader accounted for only less than 10% market share of load macchine.But in recent years,China's small loader market is developing rapidly, with an average annual growth rate of more than 35%, the loader is one of China's construction machinery industry the most representative products, mainly used in construction and infrastructure construction, at the same time, small loader mainly located in rural and urban markets.
Small loader product cost-effective, simple operation, sufficient spare parts, wide application range, meet the need of the development of agricultural mechanization.
Since 2013, the level of agricultural development, great changes in some of the key elements, the impact of the traditional agricultural market consumption patterns, set off a new demand, the agricultural market is about to enter the transition period. According to the insiders, which is becoming the new trend of China's agricultural machinery(eg,farm tractors made in china).
However, the huge Chinese agricultural machinery(tractor,tractor part,small tractor,etc.) market, not only attract non-agricultural enterprises such as automobile enterprise, engineering machinery enterprises come to the gold rush, the international agricultural giant also accelerated the pace of the layout of china. Data shows, the first three quarters of this year foreign direct investment amounted to an increase of up to 169.76%, foreign agricultural enterprises to seize the Chinese market dynamics continue to increase.
Students and Chinese agricultural market variable is the industry competition, along with the change in the market many element, the focus of competition of China Agricultural machinery(farm tractor,wheel tractor,etc) market will undergo major changes. First of all, R & D capacity will become the focus of competition; secondly, the brand competition will be the key to market competition; secondly, the market competition level will be further improved; finally, the concentration will be further improved.

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