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What you should focus on farm tractor engine for


A diesel engine of farm tractor machine cautions:
The engine start :
( 1 ) Before starting to check the cooling water , diesel oil , add the amount of oil , especially oil should be on the scale , the next tick mark in the middle position. Raise at least as many as released .
( 2 ) The throttle levers into position close to the maximum oil , stop the oil should be kept away from the handle to stop the oil position.
(3 ) Each time you use the starter motor , the starting time must not exceed 10 seconds, if one does not start with , they have to stop two minutes and then the next start ; vain if three consecutive starts , you should find out the reasons , to prevent ultra- start time , causing the starter motor to prevent internal coil burning .
(4 ) Diesel engine starting operation of farm tractor machine, look at the oil pressure is normal, normal pressure ( 2000-2400 rev / min ) was approximately 0.3-0.5MPa, 0.1MPa small throttle shall not be less than the following ( reflected from the oil pressure gauge reading ) .
( 5 ) After starting, non- load long-term operation of the diesel empty , otherwise easily lead to nipple stuck or drip, diesel engine work . The correct way is when the harvester does not work, should make the engine is running or stopped in throttle position .
( 6 ) The cooling water temperature in the tank must reach above 60 ℃ , up to the maximum allowed engine speed and full load inputs .
(7 )The diesel engine of farm tractor, you should pay attention to listen to that the sound is normal or not , if different response immediately stopped , check the reason be excluded , is not allowed to continue to use , so as not to trigger a major fault .
( 8 ) When the ambient temperature is below 5 ℃, should promptly put the net cooling water. Unscrew the tank , the body ( right side drain valve ) , a total of three oil cooler drain valve , so that all the water put the net in order to prevent cracking.


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