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The wheel tractor parts has good design and functions


Wheel tractors have been identified and technological achievements of independent innovation achievements appraisal projects. Which reached an international level , the domestic leading level 4 , the domestic advanced level 2 .
Bona’s HP series wheel tractor(farm tractor machine), which is our self-developed according to market demand four-wheel drive wheeled tractors with the international advanced level . It is powerful , high performance , attractive appearance,vision,adaptability,widely used in various agricultural operations and transport and other operations. Its structural features
* This wheel tractor before importing diesel drive axle
* Wide range of transmission speeds , the maximum speed of up to 40km / h, Tread infinitely adjustable to meet various operational requirements .
* Gas booster pedal and clutch master manipulating single acting electro-hydraulic control power output multi -plate wet clutch .
* The new fully enclosed cab, handsome in appearance,vision,there are heating and ventilation , and optional air conditioning , CD player ;
* Flexible hydraulic damping adjustable suspension seat , ride comfort ; differential lock , transfer box with electro-hydraulic control .
* Hydraulic steering, mechanical brake , light and flexible , reduce pilot work intensity.
* Optional hydraulic system oil structure ; Configuration 2 groups of hydraulic output , optional hydraulic output 3 groups ; are optional Forced buried structures.


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