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Large Mali agricultural tractors in use precautions


1 , new or overhauled agricultural tractors must be run before normal use .

2 , garden tractor parts should be strictly in accordance with the manufacturer's recommended oil, was used .

3 , do not just by controlling the throttle to increase engine speed .

4 , always check the connecting parts of the bolts , nuts , and other easy to loose parts .

5 , the electrical system must be removed for maintenance when the battery ground cable to avoid electrical parts burned.

6 , for garden tractors and farm machinery for inspection, adjustment , maintenance , you must stop stalling , the shift lever and PTO lever on the neutral lock the parking brake on , so that all moving parts are stationary .

7 , towing a trailer , towing hooks must be used rather than using the three-point suspension .

8 ,farm tractors farm machinery driving with a suspended , the bit position of the control handle should be placed on increased agricultural accidents caused by a sudden drop . And the tools lock to prevent manipulation of the handle is touched lifter .

9 , the adjustment of the tire installation, must be performed by experienced personnel using special tools to avoid the tire is mounted incorrectly causing serious accidents.

10 , the engine in working condition , not to tighten the radiator cap , you should turn off the engine and cooled before they can wring water cover.

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