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Cheap tractor white smoke causes and troubleshooting methods


cheap tractor diesel exhaust steam to take ( white ) and water vapor ( pale white ) collectively referred to as white smoke , its causes and its exclusion as follows:

1 . Take light white smoke

① diesel fuel in the water . Remedy: diesel supply system drained bottom of the tank , fuel filter, fuel pump and other components in the water . Prevention: diesel need more than 24 hours before using sedimentation , do not smoke when refueling the oil into the bottom of the barrel of diesel . Tank cover damage or loss must be promptly accompanied .

② people cylinder cooling water leakage . Cylinder head gasket sealing the bottom of the cylinder head is bad or cracks , water jacket in the cylinder cooling water drain people will lead into water vapor white smoke . Need to find the leak and repair or replacement of parts related parts . Prevention: First, according to the diagonal of the cylinder head bolts tightened to the specified value times two is to install the cylinder , the cylinder liner is slightly higher than the shoulder plane , three is the use of cooling water added in time to prevent the liner cracking.

2 . White smoke

① low winter temperatures . Because the temperature is too low, some cheap tractor diesel failed to catch fire and burn white smoke . This white smoke as the engine temperature increases and disappear on their own , is a normal situation , without exclusion .

compact tractor diesel fuel atomization bad . Reasons are: the injection pressure is too low, a serious drop of oil injector or injector pressure adjusted too low , resulting in some cheap tractor diesel oil mist can not catch fire and burn in the combustion chamber and white smoke . Should distinguish between the case , or replace the pump plunger , or adjust the injection pressure to normal , grinding repair or demolition injector needle Couples beyond repair should be replaced.
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