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Automatic oil press and traditional old-fashioned fundamental difference in the process


Automatic oil press machine plays from the last 80 years the world was introduced to China from South Korea , after nearly 20 years of baptism and the evolution of the century finally received technical improvement and market recognition. But in our country there are old oil press occupy half of them in the process, in the end what is the difference , in place today, we explain in detail .
Press oil machine is the solid-liquid transformation process , something which must comply with the principle of oil press , whether it is old-fashioned and new oil press machine have to rely on the pressure and temperature of the oil squeezed out of the crop . Fundamentally, it seems there is not much difference between the two , but there are still many technically different .

First , the oil gap different , old-fashioned machine vibration by the pressed cake injection , the oil gap is more than 150 filaments , so that the oil residue , while taking more, but more suitable for cold oil, because of the cold pressed oil is low, the the upper part of the problem too easily compared.

Second, automatic oil press machine is the use of South Korean technology to produce new oil press , peanut oil press machine row strip biggest advantage is you can automatically control the temperature , hot pressing is also OK, as long as the cold oil extraction can also raise the temperature of the oil press to more than 200 degrees , the raw material can be squeezed out again into the cake .

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