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Domestic press master analysis the peanut cold pressing oil technology


In recent years,peanut oil win consumers love and trust, we together have a look to that the domestic press oil-our master give the guide analysis and peanut oil extraction process on peanut kernel cold pressing oil production technology below.
Peanut oil press machine-Peanut cold pressing oil production technology compared with the current high temperature pressing or extraction technology, has the advantages:simple process, energy saving, less equipment investment, small occupation area comparable factors, and its incomparable effect.
The double helix, cold pressing machine, do not need to add peanut shell as an auxiliary press material, so it can get better peanut cake.
The entire process, realize low temperature press, in the process of the Oh, high temperature less than 80 ℃, under these conditions. To obtain high-quality peanut oil.
Third, cold pressed cake can be obtained by crushing 50-60% protein content in high quality protein powder, in order to further into food laid the foundation for protein.
Peanut oil extraction process:
1 traditional process:
10-18% peanut shell, peanut kernels, cleaning to remove impurity, crushing, steaming and stir frying, squeezing, crude oil, refining and oil and cake.
2 cold pressing process:
Peanut kernels, cleaning cleaning, conditioning, cold pressing, cold pressed oil, filtering, clearance, high quality cold pressed oil, high quality peanut cake, grinding, degreasing activity of peanut protein powder.


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