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Tractor development foundation is driven in agricultural machinery industry


In the environment of world economy integration, the market competition has increased from the competition between enterprises to the competition of supply chain. As a member of the agricultural machinery(eg,garden tractor)industry, improve the competitiveness of the supply chain is our long-term pursuit of the goal, the supplier is the key link of supply chain, supplier team construction is to build the gold supply chain is a basic work, hope that with the vast number of vendors friends hand in hand, and seek common development, create brilliant.
We will strive to build the supplier management as the procurement procurement through cultural, scientific management, systematic optimization, cooperation mechanism, standardize the purchasing behavior, to create a fair, fair, public procurement environment, stimulate the supplier cost optimization, improve quality, to ensure the supply of the enthusiasm and initiative, to achieve the "Poly nuclear casting" to provide effective support strategy.
Our major task is that continue to optimize the agricultural machinery, mainly the supplier and team of farm tractor machine, improving the supplier capacity in the next section of times. The next year we will delivery ratio determined and execution, payment standard Determination and execution, to determine the purchase price and take effective measures to improve the implementation, and further optimize the supplier structure, increase the advantages of supplier efforts, the establishment of a harmonious and win-win cooperation platform, promote each other, common increased gradually, the collaborative development of cooperation relationship.

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