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B-How we deal with the diesel engine start difficulty


After you inspect the faults(we have introduced in news’A-How we deal with the diesel engine start difficulty before) in diesel engine,you can do deal with other faults below:
B- fuel system fault of farm tractor(cheap farm tractor for sale) diesel-tractor part
1.pump less oil:
· tank switch is not open or no oil in the fuel tank will switch on or into diesel oil
· the tank cover holes blocked cleaning hole
· strainer or tubing plugging cleaning strainer, cleaning oil
· tubing crack repair or replace the oil pipe
2.oil pump oil but not fuel injection pump:
·Fine filter clogging and clean or replace the filter element
·Oil air bleeder screw open the upper body, no air bubble from the hand pump for lubrication to bleed screw up, then bleed screw fastening
Clean or replace the plunger, plunger
3.The oil return valve does not seal and oil return valve to check whether the sealing ball
4.Plunger spring or out of the oil valve spring break,do keep replacement of the plunger spring, valve spring
5.The death card or atomization nozzle cleaning, adjust or replace the oil nozzle
6.Plunger or out of the oil valve, oil valve plunger wear replacement
7.The camshaft roller key first diesel engine oil pump gear pump do mark and then remove the oil pump gear, loosen the nut loosening lever out the damaged half garden key, replacing the semicircular key, according to mark re install the pump

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