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Peanut shelling machine supporting oil press is more appropriate to use the high rate of breakage


Peanut oil press machine supporting peanut shelling machine is a troublesome problem for many novice , in the end what kind of automatic oil press machine squeezing peanut shelling machine with a more appropriate , some say with no breakage rate , some say the most worn out equipment with high right , then in the end what device we use today to explore and novice one .

  Each has its own peanut shelling machine design reasons and cost control and other factors off too bad peanut product phase , if just from the appearance and post- use perspective, is certainly no or low breakage rate of shelling machine better. But we squeezed dry crushing many users try to turn peanut peanut crusher first with small particles of broken city first and then oil press machine oil, because it is broken peanut processing rate is higher, squeezing more efficient. If the customer is not a single oil, but some seeds for planting to do , we must consider buy a low broken shelling machine , because it is positive in order to meet the conditions for planting seeds . Finally go back to peanut shelling machine supporting oil press if it is pure oil extraction or choose low prices with high damage sheller more appropriate.

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