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The new oil refinery equipment be reseached now


Refinery equipment-The advantages of domestic and foreign counterparts. The improvement on the basis of the original oil extraction equipments are. Oil refinery equipment on the market before. All the core components must be approved by the expert group argumentation and evaluation. From intelligence. Environmental protection. Energy saving every quality standard are at the leading level at home and abroad. Must have the advantage of competition ability. Must be approved by the dual acceptance of all indicators are fully qualified to the factory. The plane turn series oil leaching equipment and irrigation pattern refinery equipment(eg,crude cooking oil refinery machine)and to the press and oil refining equipment. Biodiesel refining equipment in the leaching of the oil refining equipment and oil yield are improved obviously. The content of science and technology and automation to walk in the forefront of colleagues. The refined oil quality all are over the national standard.
The powerful processing ability, manufacturing industry be obvious to people, advanced robot welding, laser cutting, stamping, casting, large automation of machining centers and other facilities to ensure product quality at the same time, also improves the parts manufacturing capacity.
Besides,the agricultural machinery(eg,tractor China,waking tractor) is also our main products.In Weifang in China agricultural meeting, Bona attended the meeting and other companies from Weifang urban counties and part of the province and outside the agricultural machinery enterprises. The agricultural meeting in addition to sales, increase on-site subsidies to purchase link, the user with the enterprise issued receipts and purchase subsidy application form can enjoy the scene of purchase subsidies. A lot of the user into the venue, the scene is very lively. At the same time, the company also carried out related product demonstration, to attract more purchase workers crowd.

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