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The wheel tractor will give you help in work


Wheel tractor-compact structure, convenient repair, high reliability:
1.High reliability, mean time between failure is much higher than the national standard;
2.Slurry seal performance is good, the obvious advantage of paddy field;
3.Strengthen type chassis, big traction, power output power is strong, the operation more efficient;
4.The power output shaft gear and gearbox auxiliary transmission using meshing sleeve shift, shift easily, not off gear;
5.Gear distribution is reasonable,the ideal speed required for all kinds of farm work, transportation, work more efficient, better effect;
The farm tractor horsepower is strong, easy starting, low fuel consumption.Especially suitable for the paddy field, dry land and grass is also suitable for operation. Supporting the rotary cultivator, beater, plow, harrow, planter, cultivating and fertilizing machine, destroy the soft machine, trailer, front loaders, excavators, and other agricultural machine tools.
High safety performance of the wheel tractor(cheap farm tractor for sale):
Starting safety device configuration, higher safety performance.
Light weight, good performance of slurry seal
Not easily trapped car, good effect of paddy field.
Environmental and health of farm tractor:
All parts including the clutch friction plate, brake friction plate, all kinds of gaskets are free of asbestos, lead paint is not all, more conducive to human health and environmental protection.

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