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The agricultural machinery of innovation the conference in Asia


With the raising level of agricultural mechanization, the user of the intelligent agricultural machinery such as tractors(tractor in China)are accepted more and more. If all products happened to problems,in addition to a professional engineer door-to-door services, but also to the corresponding repair center repair. At present, the agriculture of our solutions will bring to the world, but also according to different user status, habits and agricultural machinery-farm tractors made in china of the status quo, to develop solutions for the actual needs, to meet the user's individualized demand.
In the "innovation" the conference, more than 1000 people from China with neighboring countries attended the meeting, during the two day event, five different from industry leaders gave a keynote speech, show their agricultural advanced technology is widely used in many aspects, including the large engineering construction, geography information and intelligent agriculture. Our company develops solutions mainly focus on meet the positioning and various application requirements based on location, including measurement, agriculture(agricultural machinery), vehicle navigation, public safety and mapping. In addition to the full use of positioning technologies such as GPS, laser and optical, solutions can also be fusion user specific software requirements. At the same time widely adopted various wireless technologies, solutions that will be submitted to the customer, to ensure that the combined operation of the field and the. He said, in the future we will enlarge the application in the field of agriculture.
In the meeting exhibition area, applied to agricultural technology mainly is the tractor navigation and autopilot system and laser land leveling technology. According to our company technology personnel, the use of tractor automatic driving system, navigation and seeding spraying, fertilization and a series of accurate control system, which can ensure the vehicle in a predetermined path, and ensure that the following work machine accurately control the use, can not be repeatly sowed, and no leakage sowing.

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