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Smart screw oil press will lead the future development trend of edible oil


Appearance of products, market demand performance , intelligent screw press was born , saved many families unhealthy oil , so that more people can eat healthy , high-quality oil , the device is currently popular in the market. or to lead the future development trend of edible oil.

In recent years , with the growing problem of food safety market , more and more domestic oil press welcomes families , many families have a basic automatic press equipment, which is a big trend of social development. But do big press market , with independent intellectual property rights of technology is very important, only obtained the exclusive patented technology in order to receive the protection of the market, in order to gain an advantage in the competition, which many families choose automatic oil extraction a very important factor in machine equipment valued .

Bona intelligent screw press equipment is a new automatic press for home oil extraction . Bona household automatic oil extraction with more than 20 core technologies with independent intellectual property , in the first use of cold rolling technology oil extraction , full of pure physical oil extraction, oil extraction technology from ancient Chinese technique , without adding any external substances , automatic oil press equipment to keep squeezing out the most complete nutrition structure , delicious and healthy.

Another important feature of the screw press Bona smart devices are easy to install , easy to disassemble , placed under the removable parts for disinfection disinfection cabinet , keep press equipment health , but also to ensure the device via automatic press squeeze out the oil to maintain health , leading to a safe cooking oil for the family to meet all the needs of the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle . Safe and reliable intelligence screw press is essential to your home kitchen good helper . Excellent products will be recognized by consumers , but also to survive in a highly competitive market , Bona intelligent screw press with the strength to explain everything . Although home users is still limited , but the future market prospects immeasurable !

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