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The analysis of agriculture machinery developmet in domestic


As the market starts suddenly,and the market is very broad dynamic sales,to the ability of companies to meet the market in a short time brought a lot of pressure.Some companies by surprise, the current production enterprise funds tight , tight supply chain , production capacity is limited , product demand, there are already some companies appear tight supply situation . Many companies believe that this wave of selling prices , will continue to subsidize indicators exhausted. Once the subsidies run out of targets , the market will tend to dull.The causes are below:
First, the market started early and rapidly. Description farmers' purchase motivation is very high.
Second, the market started a wide variety of agricultural products began selling . From the current market situation, the market started this round very broad ,covering the whole country, except for some hot market has entered a pre- spring land preparation , it is understood , in addition to large and medium tractors , mini tractor,the hand tractor China ,harvesters, sales transplanter , cultivator and other products is also very hot.
According to the analysis , the current market demand for tractor China following reasons:
First, the purchasing power of the backlog to be released early .
Second, the subsidy policy of good publicity in place.
Third, the sale has become the mainstream of agricultural subsidies marketed . On the other hand , these national subsidies for the purchase of agricultural subsidies intensify propaganda,farmers are aware of the case of the purchase of agricultural subsidies.     
Fourth, agricultural investment boom . It is understood that the present or engaged in agricultural production and the purchase of machinery or engage in the purchase of agricultural machinery in the service of the job is more prevalent,many medium-sized farmers to buy agricultural machinery.

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