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How to use the oil press machine correctly


Maybe now many families have used the home oil press machine for ease edible, right? Here to share the proper use ways of oil press machine with you!
Step 1: Check before using the oil press machine to be ready to assist us in addition to the vessels , should also check or adjust the belt tension , because too loose or too tight is not correct. Then we would start the motor , the motor rotates after fifteen minutes more , check residual shaft speed , and if the speed is 33dmin , then it is normal. Check the oil press machine shaft speed but also should pay attention to whether there are abnormal engine sounds.Finally, also check the motor current is , if the current is higher than 3A, it should stop immediately. Pending before the opening of the indicators are normal .
Step two: Pour into the prepared rapeseed hopper , note preferably about 50 kg . Also feed speed can not be too fast, too fast easily lead to accidents.
Third step:During oil extraction large amount of diesel mixed with hopper , and should be uniform incorporation. And maintaining the homogeneity of the material , not more than about less about the material, or will seriously affect the life of the oil press machine.


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