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The agriculture machinery has the sharp competition


Agricultural machinery increasing competitive market because of its barriers to entry are not high,either private capital or foreign ,and can enter this area. This is to some extent also lead to more capital into the industry.
With the continuous adjustment of agricultural structure,farmers will have more requirement in variety and quality of agricultural products .Domestic agricultural market is facing new - round agricultural cycle replacement, especially medium-sized agricultural eliminated the bulk replacement,especially medium-sized agricultural eliminated the bulk replacement.
Concept of practical value and profitability of agricultural products(farm tractor-mini tractor)have become the principle users to update equipment,overall performance brand , shape, quality and service will be the user's choice. This requires that agricultural producers must seize the user's needs awareness and market trends, and actively promote the development and to meet market and customer demand for new products.
In addition,the demand for agricultural users around the power has been greatly changed.Since duplex operation and efficiency needs, the demand for large and medium power machine more intense, the proportion of large and medium -power farm in the market is increasing. China's current agricultural research and medium-sized enterprises are increasing power of power farm machine production,such as,farm tractor,small tractor,compact tractor and so on.
"Our country 's state-owned agricultural enterprises,but in the new competitive environment , gradually lost the right to speak of private agricultural enterprises weakness - Technical strength is more exposed shortage of low-cost imitation is impossible to create a truly Chinese brand. Thus, in competition with the joint venture,private agricultural enterprises must return the value of the level of competition up. "
The professional said that although the country is agricultural manufacturing country,but over the years,due to the high degree of agricultural mechanization,agricultural products(tractor for sale,farm tractor) market demand for high-end weakness, many agricultural products is not high tech , both in the domestic market or foreign markets are only in the low price win. Perhaps it is this situation which gave a lot of opportunities for foreign investors . Because there is a huge market space for China 's agricultural market , so the farm machinery manufacturer has developed sufficiently attractive.

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