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How to maintain the oil press machine


Oil press machine in many factories are used . The quality of the relationship between the press enterprise productivity , choose the time to pay attention to that. Oil press machine operation is not difficult , very simple , here to teach you how to use oil press . First press to adjust the position of the point . The speed is adjusted according to the press to complete the switch,the switch is selected as if progression is very important .
Oil press machine(small cold press oil machine) can not be a focus of care is neglected . Ready to start using the press , do not turn on the power to the first , is not the first to pass the power to check the normal press device , so when the operation will be even faster. Not only can protect the press, but also improve the efficiency of work. Press used in the process , the temperature used is capable of no more than 40 ℃ , according to the provisions to be adjusted. Oil press machine is often the lubricant to ensure that will be more convenient and fast at work.Every month to spot welder must be a very thorough cleaning , and press to check the degree of wear parts , severe to timely renewal .Welcome to come to consult when you some problems about oil press machine.


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