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Standard high-wheeled tractor complex has gone through acceptance


Inspection team of experts heard reports about the development of the topic "standard wheeled tractor power complex," the project team conducted a site inspection. On this basis, it was agreed that the acceptance by the data review and assessment of the question.As tractor supply company,we apply a comprehensive standardized methods to improve the quality level of the whole power wheel tractor, product development ability to target and build up a comprehensive body of standards and absorption number of patents and scientific research.
The complex defines the reasonable structure, advanced package of standard technology, coordinated and complete, applicability and operability. Establish a "high-wheeled tractor standard complex" may enhance the domestic high-wheeled tractors and related fittings overall level of quality, with a wide range of exemplary role in the tractor industry. Final Acceptance Group also dragged the company made to a further supplement and improve high function wheel tractor field trials, the whole transportation and after-sales service standard proposal.
Related professionals agricultural industry analysis, China's agriculture "intensive, organized, professional, social," the rational development and agricultural subsidies, norms guiding the market will continue to drive demand for medium-sized tractors. 2014 projected economic situation is still grim, raw material prices and labor costs are relatively stable, coupled with a number of manufacturers to enter the market of agricultural tractor market will further intensify competition, challenges and opportunities.
According to reports, China Agricultural Machinery Institute is the academic branch of the tractor mass organizations of the National tractors, farm vehicles and related spare parts industry, composed of scientists, whose main business scope includes academic exchanges, the popularization of science, professional training, information exchange exhibition, consulting services.

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