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China tractor have the strong attraction in foreign market


Foreign companies on the China tractor market has long mouth water,their products and capital poured into and penetration , has formed a trend.
Due to the impact of tariffs , price, operating flexibility, user purchasing power and many other factors,the current foreign medium power wheeled tractor products and technologies for the domestic market is not a threat.However,compared with medium power tractors on the international market , there are still a wide gap between domestic products .
Medium power wheel tractor stabilize the domestic market, should actively explore the market of moderately developed countries and developing countries. Should also be through the introduction of co- grafting international advanced technology , improve product quality to meet market demand in developed countries transition.
Market competition is becoming increasingly fierce domestic small tractors from past trends in prices accounted for a simple all-round competition,price,quality,service,performance and other structures.In the competition, industry concentration will be further enhanced. As the low-tech small tractors , private sector development momentum is very fierce .
Our company is actively adjust its strategy in preparation to ensure the leading position in the domestic market at the same time, hold the corresponding international market actively in-depth international market research and choose the right place to build assembly plants,assembly centers.
Crawler tractor and deformation on the domestic market products,whether it is a variant of construction machinery,agricultural operations or traction drive power,or as agricultural machinery running chassis,its function can not completely replace the wheel tractor . However, affected by national policies and the development of high- wheeled tractors , the long run will be in a passive situation in the market competition .
Crawler tractor international competitors rubber crawler tractor series. Our company's products both technical level, or do not have the production capacity of its competitiveness compared , only the price attractive , but cost-effective analysis, our products still at a disadvantage. Therefore, the company 's next-generation high-power tractor rubber track as soon as possible to put the market in order to consolidate traditional markets play a competitive advantage. 

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