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You can know the wrongs by diesel exhaust


Diesel engines in operation, black smoke, blue smoke or white smoke , is the performance of the agriculture tractor diesel engine is not working properly,take adjustment measures to deal with disease.
First, the agriculture tractor begin to have black smoke . If the engine overload , should reduce the load ; If the supply advance , should be required to be adjusted ; poor job if injector , injection pressure should be adjusted , and clean injection hole coke; If the intake and exhaust valve clearance adjustment is not well, should be required to adjust valve clearance;If the air filter or blockage caused by lack of intake and exhaust without a net inadequate supply of fresh air and black smoke, cleaning the air filter should be cleared core and coke .
Secondly, the farm tractor take the blue smoke.When the farm tractors made in china is working,If the piston and cylinder wear serious or badly worn piston rings , cylinder boring should be promptly repaired or replaced with new piston rings ; If the oil rings and oil scraper ring groove glued to lose effect, so that the oil jump into the cylinder should be replaced with new oil ring ring groove ; If too much oil , you should check the dipstick , let go of the excess oil, if the piston rings installed upside down , the oil went to the cylinders, piston rings should be properly installed ; If the machine temperature is too high , so that the oil evaporating , should replace the cooling water.
Third, white smoke. If there is water enters the fuel system should be checked and clear water in the tank ; liner if damaged or leaking cylinder head gasket , cylinder head gasket or liner should be repaired , if necessary replace the cylinder head gasket or liner ; poor job if injector cause nipple drip or injection pressure is low,the nozzle should be repaired,if necessary,replace the fuel injector.


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