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The considerations you should have in tractor's diesel seasonal maintenance


Whenever the seasons change, as for agriculture tractor,you have to deal with a diesel engine for seasonal maintenance operations. According to the many years practical experience,specific operational issues as follows :
1.Hygiene cleaning. Insulation is put off , the machine can be a health cleaning. Clean up dirt , debris, grease, thoroughly wash the face to the machine . It clean, new look , so clean the machine , but also clean people. In the clean-up , removal , cleaning process can be found loose nuts, rivets and the appearance of the defect to be repaired promptly replaced.
2.The rotary engine oil indicator-tractor China. Where in the oil path ( typically mounted on the filter at ) engraved with " winter and summer " diesel rotation indicator , the indicator should be rotated arrow pointing "summer " word , to achieve a cycle oil . Thus , the oil can effectively avoid high temperature causes the oil pressure is reduced, to reduce wear on the parts.
3.Change the oil. Because diesel varieties , specifications more for used oil requirements are not consistent , it is proposed to replace two ways : ①engine manual for oil no explicit request or no " winter and summer " of the points should be in after the engine to take the heat or job , hot water temperature at about eighty degrees to release the oil , not less than 24 hours after the precipitation , re- added back to use. The precipitated base oil to be drained , add new oil when the oil shortage .②engine manual for oil there in winter and summer of points should be replaced and use the summer oil. Method is: the diesel water temperature reaches eighty degrees , put the net hot oil ( be careful not to burn your hand ) . Wait 30 minutes,tighten the drain plug . To add the same amount of diesel oil pan , medium speed 12 minutes , the cleaning of agriculture tractor diesel release , wash pieces reserved for use . This can be drained and cleaned up the oil , the oil passage unobstructed path to the lubricating oil to create the conditions for trouble-free operation.Then add the oil in summer.
4.Three filter cleaning of agriculture tractor , the three networks . Air filter , diesel filter, oil filter , commonly known as the three filters . Three filter cleaning main attention are: ① Three filter is a paper filter, in addition to cleaning the air filter cartridge is available , the rest of the best new replacement . ② metal filters , filter , and only with clean oil, cleaning brush or pump , gas blowing dirt , must not be burned . " Network" means a diesel fuel filler , oil filler , exhaust filters to exclude the mouth , should be thoroughly cleaned to make out unimpeded.
5.With zero diesel . Recent weather is characterized by a fast rise of temperature , diesel fuel adaptability is getting better, with zero diesel , can reduce costs, increase farmers' income , the country.

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