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The tractor in China develops by the industry trend


According to export tractors we can see mainly tractors, tractor China overall export structure,the small four-wheel tractor , but according to the highest growth rate and high power tractors ,which are medium and small power than the small four-wheel tractor tractor.
Of course, the high growth rate is very good, but we know that the tractor industry ,some factors that will limit their exports continued to grow in China.
Product performance in the low-end market . With the developed countries only if they meet the basic functions of the tractor stage(small tractor,cheap tractor), advanced design compared to the position of the low-end products in the tractor industry. There are some differences with the world advanced enterprises , easy to drive structural changes compared to the function and development, etc.
Marketing too simple. Export business volume is the number of vendors on thousands of tractor , but their marketing is too simple, is not conducive to the sustainable development of China tractor industry.
Some export companies without international service network, some dealers do not have service capabilities,the service can do well.
For international users lack the characteristics analysis and research,so based on the characteristics of international users , optimizing the system is doing good.
We should strengthen the development of tractor industry(tractor China),especially in development of leading enterprises.Our policy should encourage and guide enterprises to promote moderate concentration tractor leading enterprises get faster development. We shall adopt and co- operation of the capital markets , the integration of enterprises to improve their strength. The only way we can compete from international giants.


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