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What solutions explain of crawler tractor you want


The following is the only tractor -defined terms and abbreviations .
Three-point hitch? For connecting implements a popular standardization bodies , linked by an adjustable top ( pivot ) link or two above the ( lift) . Category 1, 2 or 3 refers to the strength of both the size of the connecting pins and components , and 0 is the smallest class ( common in garden tractors and implements ) and Class 3 is the largest ( common in large-scale agricultural equipment ) . For three-phase power to enhance the force by the hydraulic system is generally improved embodiment , it is rarely the downward force is applied .
The Crawler of crawler tractor ? Vehicles equipped with tracks or pedals , like a jar .
Differential lock ? After a temporary locking differential for better traction device .
Ventilation control ? Mechanical linkage, automatically adjusts the traction characteristics to achieve as 3PH plow.
Rod ? After a flat rod is connected to the tractor for towing or towing . It can be connected to the frame at a fixed height,Tractors(cheap tractor,crawler tractor) and implementation capacity provided to different distances between the tow . Or may be provided between the variable height, but at a fixed distance from the tractor lower links 3PH.
ROPS ? Roll bar or help the case , the machine overturning similar device to protect the driver , flipping tractor for operators to provide a safe environment , taxi or frame . ROPS frame must pass a series of static and dynamic crush test . If you need shade ( crown ) , ROPS is necessary to support the shade . It can be folded , so when you work, you can put it under the tree height of the tractor.

crawler tractor
Fast fault ? Aka fast mount . An alternative to the two-point mechanism in which the two receivers adapted to achieve the rear of the tractor two bayonet arms . Three-point suspension device is not compatible . It appears often in industrial tractors.
Hydraulics ? An oil pressure system , to raise and lower 3PH operatively connected to power and traction machine or a hydraulic piston and cylinder . " Live in " Hydraulic remain even when the clutch is disengaged hydraulic system .
Hydrostatic transmission ? Different hydraulic drive tractor(crawler tractor) forward or based on a pressure is applied to a lever or pedal gear reverse speed range. The instant converter also allows forward and backward direction without using the clutch between .
Loaders. Bucket loader working device , hydraulic and front often . Light weight model is used to scoop and moving loose materials, such as manure , gravel , snow, and other heavier models can be used for mining. Loader is also used to refer to a bucket with a front row of industrial machinery .

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