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The wheel tractor’s solution explains are for customers


Tractors, often industrial , equipped with a front-end , after loading shovel .
Walking tractor ? One and two wheel tractor by a man walking in its operation. Walking is also known in the tractor .
Weight ? Ballast added to the tractor to improve balance, stability and digging force .Wheel tractor tire weight include calcium solution ( usually after only ) to improve traction and / or balance the use of loaders, baggage weight - a U -shaped iron plates held together by bolts connected to the frame , the weight of the wheel - circular or semicircular shaped lug fixed plate and iron wheel , with heavy boxes - rigid box connected to the tractor, filled with small stones or wet sand , while improving the balance with the loader. Implementation of the right to include bagged sand, cement blocks , large rocks , etc.
Single-stage and two-stage clutch clutch? Simply put, the two-stage clutch clutch allows independent from the PTO. When a live PTO works with the use of two-stage clutch , press clutch transmission will be out halfway while pressing it completely out of the drive and PTO. This allows the operator to slow down or change gears and PTO is still operational. Single-stage and tractor PTO clutch stop when pushed . Two-stage clutch tractor(wheel tractor) stopped in the middle of speeches and press all the way through the trip PTO clutch stop .

wheel tractor
The closed cover can cover the entire engine hood . Some customers do not like this because they want a better engine radiation .
If you can transfer shuttle between forward and reverse without grinding gears, tractor is moving, but still need to use the clutch , you have " sync shuttle ."
Shuttle shift transmission has been used for many years in a tractor loader. These may be mechanical or hydraulic . Mechanical clutch shuttle need to change direction , but they are synchronized. You can use the clutch hydraulic steering the aircraft . Either way, these transmission allows the operator to change direction and stop . They allow a similar speed in forward and reverse , and increase productivity and loaders.
Shuttle transfer a way to move quickly to reverse the "shuttle " back and forth to work as loaders . There are twelve kinds of types of shuttle .Compact in a small tractor :
1 . Reverse gear arrangement, or they may have this feature release lever in forward gear ( usually 1-2 ) and shift pattern . These still need to use the clutch , but the time spent will be reduced.
2 . Hydraulic clutch automated bonding driver does not have . Again , the time taken to decrease .


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