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Tractor develop more products stores in agricultural machinery industry


Automotive stores is normal in industry , but in the agricultural machinery industry, in the form of stores has not been universal. China 's first agricultural machinery stores(garden tractor,tractor China)distributor of investment and construction company by the Chinese Bona region .
Stores in the form of traditional sales model of agricultural importance of innovation,the establishment of the stores will promote China's agricultural sales to scale, specialization , franchise direction. According to reports, the stores using the "five in one " mode, covering a host of sales,spare parts supply , maintenance services , information feedback , business training and other marketing aspects .
It is reported that the establishment of this brand stores , not only conducive to agricultural users feel comfortable buying farm machinery-tractor China, farm machinery ease of use , and the user can achieve one-stop service for three summer , farmers plant crops Sanqiu busy season , rush in to save time.
Compared with the automobile, agricultural production materials, use of the environment even worse , the hand -to-machine technology training requirements are higher and higher requirements for enterprise service capabilities . Since 2005, a number of large-scale agricultural producers began marketing model to explore the stores , after years of development , we have formed the appropriate standards and regulations to build stores and other systemic operational documents . In stores as a new marketing terminal , is moving the brand , scale , franchise direction.


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