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Why the tractor production is largely increasing daily


In 2013,with the purchase of agricultural subsidies throughout the year have started ,Bona boom ushered in the high-yield , all kinds of agricultural machinery products especially agriculture tractors,walking tractor, sales volume record.
Bona in the logistics area can be seen loading , shipping and busy scene . Recently, Bona shipped thousands of daily tractor . To ensure the smooth implementation of the plan of each unit of production , a trailer units and functional departments are the host unit as a leader, to establish security for the mechanism.
In response to strong market demand in spring next year , we are in the organization of production , and many other supplies in advance to spare the "homework ." The supply of spare parts procurement department to sort out , and require suppliers to raise security for its guarantee commitments for capacity. During the high-yield, not only to ensure supply , do not "hungry " , it should also take good quality. We also sent a quality inspection team composed of engineers to focus on the quality of the supplier's production site for checks.
In China, the products are mainly sold to the northeast and northwest regions . Sales abroad are gradually rising , will produce a large number of different social inventory and production season in previous years, the current majority to the agriculture tractor around the world have been purchased from the end user Bona hair, no backlog to the dealer 's warehouse.


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