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The common sense of agriculture tractor’s tractor diesel


Chinese international agricultural machinery exhibition is Asia's largest agricultural exhibition, with industry representative, and represents the development trend of domestic and international agricultural machinery industry,providing a learning, communication and cooperation opportunities for national agricultural machinery industry, the parties to take this as an opportunity to strengthen exchanges and cooperation.
The common sense of tractor’s diesel engine:
The tractor’s(eg,tractor China,cheap farm tractor for sale) oil filter: oil. With some impurity particles in use, these particles have friction particles, with parts not clean remaining debris, there is also an early oxidative deterioration of individual local high temperature produces particles, iron sand, such as pin, colloidal particles, mixing will cause friction in oil, damage or tile burning, reduce the service life and reliability. Diesel engine must use positive plant oil filter, oil filter mainly used paper filter, filter will filter out impurities in the oil.
The oil in the role of agricultural machinery(tractor China):
1). High speed diesel engine used in the oil must be multifunctional, and has the following main functions: to provide lubrication: oil film lubrication in between moving parts, in order to reduce friction and wear. Cooling: as heat medium heat away from the interface, a cooling effect. The sealing: filling wall, uneven valve the surface of the rod and the oil seal in the turbocharger in the play the role of sealing. Clean the dirt: suspended therein, without fouling on the surface of engine parts, plays the role of cleaning. The damping and buffering effect: especially high pressure parts, such as gear and a push rod. To prevent oxidation and corrosion: protective effects on parts.
2). When the engine oil in the lost the function, must be replaced, the oil normally loss, but it is easy to pollution, lose the protection of diesel engine. The oil pollution is normal to the diesel engine running. Because during operation of diesel engine, a lot of dirt into the oil. They are: the by-products of diesel engine combustion: fuel to incomplete combustion of asphalt, soot and acids. Acid, coking and fouling: because oil cracking decomposition or oxidation. Dirt: through the air intake, fuel and oil or oil change in the diesel engine of the dirt.

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