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The fact shows the tractor effecient work perfomance


Farm tractors made in china bring up advanced foreign technology, according to market demand, developed with the international advanced level of farm trctor and wheel tractor(cheap tractor). The strong power, excellent performance, handsome in appearance, broad vision, strong adaptability, widely applicable to all kinds of farm work and transportation and other operations.
Hydraulic lifting system for oil structure, the use of more reliable. Large lifting force, a force adjusting, position control, force control and floating control a variety of depth control mode, supporting large and complex agricultural work; but also the optional crush in.
When we were in the new session of agricultural machinery exhibition, many viewers around our wheel tractor and garden tractor products carefully watched, asked for their concern and after sale service to the staff is not. Although from the scale point of view, our booth area is not the biggest, but exhibited the highest technical content of products, especially the power shift tractor technology represents the development trend of future domestic tractor, fully show the technical advantages of powerful and comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises.


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