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The agriculture machinery made great progress in China


Along with our country agricultural scale management marching, farmers need more and more high horsepower tractors advanced, and in the past, the domestic large horsepower tractors and imported products, all have a big gap. In recent years, under the national policy pulling, China Agricultural machinery industry has made great progress, in order to China delayed as the representative of the domestic agricultural equipment manufacturing enterprises, increasing investment in science and technology, manufacturing strength and the level of product technology has a great breakthrough.
It is understood, our agricultural tractor(eg,125HP Farm Tractor) is our country reforming and opening at the beginning of the introduction of tractor projects from Europe and the United States, the only successful project. At that time, just "rural land to individual households", their purchasing power is very limited, Chinese our focus on the future development direction, for the introduction of Italy Fiat tractor manufacturing technology digestion, absorption, reinnovation, formed to adapt to the series of products China conditions, build technology platform for Chinese wheeled tractor, and forming technology of agricultural tractors the product platform. Not only farm tractor sales for many years to maintain industry-leading, and key spare parts and maintain long-term industry high matching share.
After many years of accumulation, China Baina tractor field has fully independent intellectual property rights, this let the tractor to participate in international competition, and transnational giants to compete.

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