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What problems you should pay attetion to in buy tractor diesel


What are the components of diesel-tractor part,what problems you should pay attetion to in buy time.Firstly,the performance and quality of diesel generating sets purchase on the basis of the selected diesel generator must comply with the relevant requirements.The diesel generator is widely used for emergency power supply, telecommunications, Finance Department of hospital, school, business and other departments, industrial and mining enterprises and residential, independent power and military field operations, vehicles and ships and other special purposes.
Because of the earthquake, typhoon, war, and other natural disaster or man-made factors, the city power grid damaged when power is off, standby unit has been set should be started quickly, and adhere to the long-term uninterrupted, to ensure that on these important project power negative continuous power supply load, the standby generator also belong to the common type of power unit. Commonly used generator for working for a long time, load curve changes greatly, and the choice of unit capacity, number, type of control mode and emergency unit.

70HP-90HP Tractor
As a tractor manufacturer,we summary the notes you should focus on:
1.Determination of common diesel generator unit capacity by long-term continuous operation output power can satisfy the maximum calculated load selection around the project, and shall determine generator standby unit capacity according to the load.
2 Common diesel generator units to determine the number of set number of commonly used diesel generator set is usually more than 2 in order to ensure the continuous power supply and adapt to the change of electrical load curve. The unit number, can according to the change of electricity load of determining the input for power generating units number, the diesel engine is often run in the economic load, in order to reduce the fuel consumption rate, reduce the cost of power generation. The optimal economic operation state of the diesel engine rated power is between 75%-90%.
3 Common used diesel generator set in order to reduce wear, increase the service life of turbine generator set, commonly used should be selected units, low rated speed of not more than 1000r/min, the standby unit can be used in the selection of control unit, high-speed unit commonly used.
4. Diesel generator set shall generally be considered to be parallel, so as to simplify the distribution of main wiring, the unit starting, stopping the rotation operation, through and car, load transfer, switching unit without interruption of power supply.


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