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The wheel tractor in China has more convenient functions


The section of tractor part details:
* The Joystick layout of wheel tractor
All control levers are in the right console for easy operation ( except for four-wheel drive control lever ) .
* Switch arrangement
To enable continuity of operation , all electrical switches are located on the right side of the console.
* Change to the device
All control switches and levers layout are carefully considered how to operate more convenient to use .
HP Series tractor(40-50HP Tractor-cheap farm tractor for sale)shuttle manipulated variable to rely on the device is located to the left of the steering wheel rod change can be achieved quickly shift back and forth , resulting in improved operating efficiency, especially during pre- bucket operation , it can show its strengths . In addition, when articulated farm machinery , but also to experience the advantages of shuttle change direction , moving back and forth to achieve accurate place. Independent power output shaft .
* Independent PTO
Pulling,lifting, mowing or arable land, HP Series tractor brand has hydraulic independent PTO make your heavy work easier. With self-adjusting clutch engagement function of power output smooth start to make farm machinery . When the PTO clutch is disengaged while the system also automatically opens the brake power output ( PTO PTO clutch and brake interlock ) . This means that you can be more efficient completion of mowing hay machine operator or watering trees , etc.


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