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The wheel tractor made the humane parts design


The parts design of tractor China below:
Equipped with a high-performance engine, farm tractors made in china-HP series tractor can provide high output torque so that the tractor can accommodate heavy jobs.
* Has low vibration and low noise
In order to reduce operator fatigue and irritability, particularly the series of tractors were down minimize noise and vibration design.This is achieved through a number of innovative technologies: by ladder frame crankshaft support for the engine to provide a more robust structure to reduce noise and vibration through the built-in balancer to reduce.
Wheel tractor-Tilt adjustable steering wheel
Tilt adjustable steering wheel allows different height, body of the driver can comfortably driving a tractor.
Analog indicator is a large care package tachometer, fuel gauge and a thermometer. In addition, HP series tractors(35HP Farm Tractor-farm tractors made in china) also added a battery warning light to prevent unexpected battery failure.
* Parking brake lever
Next to the main gear lever, with a separate brake for easy operation of the main parking brake lever . Parking brake lever and master clutch interlock can be accurate and reliable parking on any terrain.
* Convenient engages four-wheel drive system
Drive rod can easily perform two drive and 4-wheel drive switch with the front wheels. The most interesting thing is that without traffic you can switch lever front-wheel drive , which can save time when switching from the parking field towards the road to improve work efficiency.
Note: When operating heavy load or rear skid, do not switch lever front-wheel drive


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