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The crawler tractor in China make you satisfied


For crawler tractor is a vehicle running in a continuous tracking. Compared wheel tractor , it has a large surface area in contact , and a lower applied force per unit area on the ground . This makes crawler tractors for soft , low friction uneven ground .
China crawler tractor brand , has accumulated years of production experience tractors .Therefore , it knows how to build a reliable tractor. In order to meet your needs , we provide 40-60hp crawler tractors, for you to choose 70-90HP and100-130HP crawler tractors and compact tractor. All of our products are ergonomically designed for easy operation. In addition, the newly designed fully enclosed cab with air conditioning systems provide a high level of comfort for the driver . Track and wide rubber tracks can also be adapted to different requirements. As a result , our crawlers are widely used in gardens , farms, geo-engineering and more.
In addition, we also produce crawler tractors, wheeled tractors , tractors , graders , and so on. Our products are reliable , durable , efficient and environmentally friendly, so they get E-mark, CE and EPA certificate.
We always give priority to the needs of users, the company absorbed the advanced experience of domestic mature models, and introduce foreign advanced technology, continuous improvement and perfection of the product and China combine with the situation, in order to better meet the requirements of different users.
Companies adhere to the promotion of enterprise with science and technology. In addition to raising the technological content of products, the company to strengthen quality management, improve various testing measures, the company quality standard is consistent with international standards.

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