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How to do if wheeled tractor is to hard to start


Wheeled tractor is a commonly used agricultural machinery, it is convenient, easy to operate. Sometimes wheeled tractor appeared to start difficult problem, which has troubled some users. Reasons for this phenomenon are the following:

wheeled tractor

1, the cylinder head nuts are not tightened or damaged cylinder head gasket
When rotating the crankshaft cylinder head and found the body at the joint surface acoustic leaks, probably did not tighten the cylinder head nuts, cylinder head gasket may be damaged. As for the former, should be required to tighten. In the latter case, when the cylinder head gasket damage is not severe, the damage asbestos yarn available at the mend, severe replaced with new pads.
2, intake and exhaust valve leak
Such leakage reasons are twofold: First, the valve clearance is too small, so that the valve closed lax, need to re-adjust valve clearance. Another is likely to have on the valve sealing cone spots, such as rust, coke and other debris, but also the valve closed lax. You can check the crankshaft crank, as heard in the air filter and exhaust pipes have "squeak, squeak" sound, it is clear intake and exhaust valve leakage phenomenon. The valve needs to be polished.
3, excessive wear of piston rings rotation of the crankshaft, the body's internal (such as low oil shell) a leak sound, because most of the piston ring. Can be added to some clean engine oil into the cylinder after the compression force as adding significantly improved, then replace the piston rings.
4, piston ring openings are moved straight line (commonly known counterpart), or because coke making piston rings stuck in the ring groove, can not eject compression cylinder.
The phenomenon is the rotation of the crankshaft, crankcase leaks sound. Remove the piston rings should remove coke. If the ring opening move on a straight line, it should be evenly distributed to each opening position, but must avoid the direction of the piston pin.
5, the injector loose bolts at the cylinder head injector leak, it should be tightened.
In addition, copper sleeve bearing or killed, the crankshaft can not rotate; piston installed backwards or clogged air filter, also make the engine will not start, etc. also cause difficulty in starting wheeled tractor reasons.

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