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How to identify 160HP farm tractor operating conditions


To judge 160HP farm tractor operation, you need to consider the following aspects:
1, Starting condition
The new 160HP farm tractor engine must be easy to start. In general, a better performance of diesel engine, at ambient temperature for 10 ℃, one or two times that of fire.

160HP farm tractor

2, The engine running condition
After the engine starts, look at the exhaust pipe smoking is normal. The sudden throttle after the black smoke quickly disappear, show good performance. The normal working state, the exhaust is pale. At the same time, the sound crisp,abnormal sound, no leakage, no water leakage, no leakage, the electric meter works normally.
3, Tractor steering control and operating conditions
The engine is operating normally, and then start the engine. You should meet the following requirements: the clutch work reliable, smooth engagement; gear shift light; steering is flexible and convenient, the chassis without leakage; abnormal sound. The 160HP farm tractor through inspection, in line with the requirements can apply for the purchase of procedures.

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